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Using Integromat to batch update multi-reference items - Error: 400 invalid request body


I’ve set up an automation using Integromat to update a multi-reference item field in a CMS collection based on a rollup of item IDs of each of the items I want to use as multi-references in Airtable. (Hard one to explain online - please ask me to clarify if this isn’t clear).

I’m using the PATCH method on a custom HTTP request.

The response returned is “The operation failed with an error. [400] ValidationError: Invalid request body” in Integromat, but it works perfectly on Postman, so I’m struggling to debug. I think I’m using the right syntax.

I included the name, slug, archived and draft fields after reading on here that they are required in the request body.

Integromat support didn’t seem to know what the issue was.

Here’s the body I’m trying to send (the rollups are for each of the multi-ref fields I want to update).

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

@Will_Hepworth I am also experiencing the same issues. Let me know if you manage to resolve it!

Hey @Will_Hepworth and @MGAVIOLI66, have either of you managed to solve this? I’m experiencing the same issue and have had no luck. It’s working fine on Postman but I’m receiving a 400 in Intergromat. :man_facepalming:

@webseeds I’ve been slowly gaining more momentum using Webhooks and HTTP call’s.
It’s still a bit hit and miss. Happy to share some of my working scenario’s with you if you can give me some indication of your scenario setup, as alot of my focus has been using Memberstack which has other challenges I’m finding.

@MGAVIOLI66 Any progress is moving in the right direction! :grin: Thanks for offering to share some of your working scenarios. That would be very helpful!

Here’s a screenshot of my current scenario:

Here’s how it works on a high level:

1.) Watch on Airtable base using Last Modified Time
2.) Router to update Webflow item if Webflow CMS ID exists in record or creates a Webflow item if the Webflow CMS ID doesn’t exist
3.) Update the Webflow CMS ID record in Airtable
4.) Patch request to Webflow to update multi-reference items using a rollup and lookup (See below for screenshot of the request)

Every time I get an error on the PATCH request:

I regret to hear you’re now facing some challenges with MemberStack. I hope you get them worked out soon! I am also using MemberStack but i’m a bit behind where you are. My current focus is on curated CMS items. User submitted data is coming next.

Thanks again for your help!

Hi Luke,

I ran a simple Airtable (Watch records) and update a multi-reference field in Webflow Collection item in a Loom.
Let me know if this is of any help?

Big thanks to @GlennAtTheFlow for his series

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My pleasure Matt :blush: I hope it’s all going smoothly for you now?

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All is well @GlennAtTheFlow just having trouble pulling through Custom fields from Member Stack.
I think there is a serious issue with Custom Fields on the MS end.