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Using Webflow Slider Widget to build Touch-enabled Horizontal fullscreen website in webflow


I just want to share a tip on this issue. Some people have said in this forum that it is not user friendly to build websites using webflow slider widget and that the experience is not good for the user on mobile phones. Well they were right, and I also ran into some of those glitches. But not anymore.

The Solution: Using Malihu jQuery custom content scroller and a script support from the forum supplied by Bartosz, I figured a way to avoid the terrible jumping slider experience on mobile and also restrict the content height so that all content have the same height no matter the length of the content. I was able to achieve this by placing all contents in a scroll div and using a custom content scroller to make it look nice and natural on mobile, since contents on mobile will need some scrolling anyway. Not to bore you, this is the link to the final result:

This is are some of the custom codes used:

css (head)

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

javascript (before closing body)

<script src=""></script>

Custom code for the scrollbar

Custom code to create a 100% height for the site as found in the forum:

 $(document).ready(function() {
    vph = $(window).height();

    vpw = $(window).width();
    vph = $(window).height();



Public url:


I'm sorry to ask you for this but could you provide us with more details about the way to succed to integrate the custom scroller... I tried the hole day with no success.
Thank you for your help and sorry for my poor english.
Best regards.

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