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Variabel E-commerce: Total order amount and ordernumber

Hi guys,

Currently working on a Affiliate system in my E-commerce webshop. The affiliate JS code on the checkout page need to know what the total order amount is by reading webflow variabel. This is what I need to do:

Section 1: Generic Tracking Pixel

The most common method for integration is to use a tracking pixel in the sale confirmation / online invoice page of the cart system. Doing this would require the iDevAffiliate user to login to their admin center and enable the “Generic Tracking Pixel” method. This module will provide them with a tracking pixel that looks similar to this.

When placing this pixel into the sale confirmation / online invoice page, simply alter the following items.

‐ XXX needs replaced with the actual variable that contains the sub/total amount.
‐ YYY needs replaced with the actual variable that contains the order number.

Two examples in one: idev_saleamt=<?PHP echo $_POST[‘sub_total’]; ?>&idev_ordernum={$order_number}

Question: what are the variabels of the sub_total and order_number in Webflow E-commerce.

Somethings more to add: This is the affiliate dashboard. Because the variables in the piece of code don’t match the Order amount and order number the Software can’t identify the number -> affiliate can’t get commission.

Code i used (hope the code is visible):