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Varying limit items for a collection depending on device size



I am trying to change the amount of items displayed depending on the device size.

For example: In desktop view I have limited the CMS collection on view to 3 items. As the device size decreases, say to an tablet view, I would like to change the limit to 2 items.

But it is not letting me. Whenever I change the limit, in whatever device size, it changes across all sizes.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I don't know about? Is it a bug? If all of them are a no, can I request this please?


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The Webflow way is to have multiple duplicate collection lists with different limits for each screen size.

Or, you can hide items using some custom CSS


Didn't think about having duplicate collections. Seems heavy-handed but if it works...

The custom CSS would work too.

Thanks for responding, @samliew.