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Vertical align center text in link box using Grid / CMS

Hi everyone,

I’m using the Grid and CMS for the first time for a blog and running into a vertical text issue. On the blog page, I created a link block for each post so that the entire box area is clickable. But I’m having trouble to vertically align the heading text. Can anyone spot what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Here’s my site

Hi @MikeMiello,

This is quite simple. Just turn the link block into a flexbox and center align on vertical.


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thanks so much! Somehow using Grid for the first time, I must’ve just overlooked it.

and just curious…how did you make this gif? So nice!

Hi @MikeMiello,

I use CloudApp for all my recordings. They have a built in GIF capture too. Sooooo many great features. If you look at all the recordings in here from staff members, they are mostly in CloudApp, the rest use Loom. I usually use loom, but Ive come to fill up my allotment on the free plan and didnt want to lose older ones if people were still viewing. lol

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Can’t deny the man the ability to leave a good legacy. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the help!

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