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Very urgent! Cant process order after successful linking with Stripe


Hi everyone, I need to set up this store for the client tonight but I simply can’t get the check out to work. After clicking submit order the error message shows: “There was an error processing your customer info. Please try again, or contact us if you continue to have problems.”

Can someone help?

Here is my public share link:
Here is the link to editor:


I’m currently having a open disussion with the support about this issue. The last message I got about this was: “There is a good chance you found a bug here, I think that there is some lookup issue to the address but that it is not something preventing the transaction at the stripe level.”

I’m getting two different errors; one is the same you got, and the other is that the adress is not recognized.

The funny thing is that Stripe registers the session and recognizes the card and customer. But there are no transaction made.

So I guess just to hold tight until the team is back from the holidays.


I had the same exact issue.
The Stripe account was new, and it looked up and running.
It was a little red dot on the notification icon, it was about confirming my phone number.
Right after I confirmed my phone number I was able to make purchases on the site.

So make sure the Stripe account is fully running and all their account signup requests are fulfilled.


Oh! Thanks Eli for the info. My client actually requested to be switched to Shoplify for a more full fledge CMS as well as a simpler management system for them. But, still believing in Webflow’s potential.


Thanks for the support! But eventually can’t persuade the client to stick with Webflow. Really really hope Webflow can match at lease some layout and “check-n-work” option UI of the Shoplify CMS. Too many store owners are already familiar with Shoplify and their UI designs, which somehow suggests “less difficulty”