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Video Background CMS and Lightbox/modal

Hi guys!

Im a videographer/filmmaker trying to make a videoportfolio.

I have some newbie questions (sorry guys)

What im trying to make is to show some video backgrounds divided in sections. Each video will be post as CMS with this info: A very short clip video (6secons max) to work as a background video. The Original video (i asume will be vimeo, or dropbox), poster image, title, description, and type (commercial, corporate, ad, etc).

I started to build the site and I found my self with some questions!

  1. Background Video: There is any chance I can associate a background video with CMS? (I only can put video links to vimeo, etc, I tried the amazon link but did´t work)
  2. Is Background Video faster than using Dropbox, vimeo?
  3. When clicking de “video word”, you get a Lightbox with the video. But i want to add some custom text (under the video). Should be possible to create one custom modal with dinamyc content?
  4. When Lightbox is on, all the other background videos are still playing, should I pause them? or it doesnt affects the web performance if I put opacity 100%?
  5. I found some webflow projects with custom code to disable scrolling when modal/lightbox is on but i couldnt make it work, any tips? advice?

Thanks guys!!!

Hi @MatiasCollado - Welcome to the forums.

Quick suggestion: When seeking information in the forums, try to limit your scope to one or two closely related questions at a time. That way people can chime in, and don’t have to try to answer everything at once. It also makes it easier to stay on topic. Also, you have a better chance of finding an answer, amongst the content already created, via a quick search.

That being said I will give it a go! :slight_smile:

Not without using custom code to create the element and bind it to a “src” value in a field in your collection.

A background video in Webflow is limited in size (30 MB) and is downloaded by the browser straight from the src path. It is not streamed. It loops as long as the visitor is on the page unless you or they stop it. Vimeo streams videos meaning you don’t need to wait for the video to completely download to see it. Dropbox does provide streams with durations based on the owner’s plan. Browsers can handle video differently. However, the short answer is no.

You could create a custom modal and place a player on it, surrounded by whatever you wish. This could be done on a collection item as well. If you need to customize the player, then you need to work with the API provided by the host and use custom code to work with it.

Anytime a video is playing; it is using a visitors system and network resources. It is always best to stop playback when a video is not “active,” of course, some people “watch video” to stream audio. Look at the behavior of video-rich sites to get an idea of best practices. You can also find out more at Vimeo’s developer pages and Youtube’s.

I would suggest creating a new topic, sharing your read-only project and all the details you can to get specific. There could be many reasons why you are having an issue.

This document over at the Google Developers website can help answer any questions you might have about video and the web.

Hope this helps you proceed and succeed. Welcome to Webflow.