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Video height resizing not possible



Does anybody know how to reduce the height of videos?
I can change the width of the video, but it doesn't seem to work for height.

Share link below:



Hi @reejiang,

I took a look and nothing was immediately obvious, it is possible it is a bug and @cyberdave could take a look...

Another possibility is that it is to do with the link to the video and a workaround is to use a custom html element with an iframe inside it as follows:

Let me know if this helps (sorry for the bunch of screenshots, hope they're clear),



Hi @reejiang, the video size has a fixed aspect ratio, so changing the dimension of the video width, would also change it's height. I made a video suggestion for one alternative structure/styling on the video:

Does this help?



Thanks @Arthur and @cyberdave

They both worked smile
I like the embed option of not showing suggested videos when video finishes.
Div block is very simple to use also and easy styling.

Thank you so much!



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