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Video Link CMS field not working when submitted through another form via Zapier

I have a form that, upon submission, should send a Video Link CMS item over to a collection item, which then should show up in a template (sounds simple). But for some reason the template does not show the video. I used Zapier to bring this data over to the collection item.

It’s not until I go into the collection item and mess around with the Video Link field that I can get the video to show up.

What’s up with that? It should work.

The video I am using is public on YouTube and I am using the URL that’s in the browser from the video page itself. Plz help

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Yeah, it’s a known issue.

Webflow generates the embed code only in their CMS interface, not in the backend (which is what the API uses).

I encountered that problem when building The solution is to generate the embed code yourself and pass it to the Webflow API:

fields: {
  myvideofield: {
    url: '',
    metadata: {
        html: ...

Something like that, I don’t remember all from memory right now. :joy:

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Grateful for the direction! Do you know where I’d be able to find instructions on how to set this up? Thanks!

Here’s the solution—conveniently posted by @PixelGeek, right when you need it most :muscle:

Hope you don’t mind I post this here, Nelson.

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