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Video Tracking using Google Tag Manager


Hello guys!

Recently I’ve been searching for a comprehensive guide on how to set up video tracking using Google Tag Manager.
Frankly I didn’t know that there are two types of the video: Local and dynamically loaded. Fortunately, I found this article with a downloadable script in it.
I have already started to implement tracking, haven’t finished it though due to personal reasons.

For everybody who wants to set up video tracking How to Track Local and Dynamically Loaded YouTube Videos Using Google Tag Manager

If someone finishes it earlier, or have done it before, please share your thoughts here.

Best wishes, Eddy!


This is more an issue of google tag manager (In webflow you add the youtube video and copy-paste the custom code from GTM) (Maybe use google forums).

The tutorials are very long (20-30 steps) - i don’t think somebody can give you a solution by forum answer (Try youtube tutorials)