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Video YouTube video not loading



I can't seem to embed a video. I've searched and tried as many things as I can think of.

- dragged the video object and
- then entered the URL
- then i watch the three dots seem like it is loading/ searching for the video but never actually finds it.

My YouTube video URL did not work, so then began trying a lot of other URLs including the one used in the tutorial (

Am I am missing something?

The video never loads... Arrgh frowning

Thanks... Anwar


That's really odd @Anwar. Can you do these two things to help us troubelshoot:

  1. Disable your extensions in Chrome to see if there are any extensions that are causing issues with Webflow.
  2. hit CTRL+SHIFT+I and then press ESC to see the Chrome console. What does it say when you try to add the video?


@thesergie Thanks for your reply.

It was my NotScripts extension that was blocking the video. I normally notice NotScript doing things... but for some reason, I did not see it or it did not occur to me.

Again... thanks for your assistance!

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