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Videos in slider keep playing after I go to next slide

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to make a slider that contains multiple embedded Vimeo videos. Once I start playing a video, it keeps playing after I go to the next slide.

I had this solution working perfectly:

But that only works if you have just one video.

I need a way to stop the video when I click a back or next arrow and have the next video ready to play.
Does anyone know how to modify the script from the solutikon link above?

In my read-only site: go to the “Client_Juno” page. The last two slides have the videos.

Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

did this ever get figured out? i have same issue.

Nope. I just convinced the client to go with a different layout using multiple light boxes.

Webflow is really great, but there are lots of little annoying thing like this that pop up and make things difficult.

Sorry. Wish I could help.