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Vimeo not loading in lightbox?

tl;dr, linked ~50 vimeo videos via lightboxes and now none of the videos will load. Page loading speeds are fine.

I’m building a video portfolio site of sorts that will have ~150 Vimeo vids spread across several categories/pages. After putting together the basic cms structure, I tested the first few lightboxes and everything performed as expected.

However, after linking ~50 lightboxes across several pages, none of the videos will load. It could be that they’re taking a REALLY long time—I stopped counting after five minutes. Ideally, I would be adding 2-3x as many videos across six different pages but obviously this would be a deal breaker…

Loading speeds for the pages themselves are fine. It’s only when I go to click on a lightbox that the video won’t come up. Any ideas?

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