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Want to change the mobile chrome browser top bar for your site?


Check this article out:

If you're wondering where to put this code, here is a helpful guide:

have fun! smile


hey @PixelGeek Thank you for sharing... this is awesome!


Very cool! Thanks for sharing...


Amazing find, @PixelGeek, thanks for sharing


This is so stinking awesome @PixelGeek thank you! I implemented it on, now how long does it typically take to take effect? A few hours or days? I know some Meta tags can take a little while to take effect and I'm previewing on my iPhone 6 in safari & chrome.

Thank you,


I think its only for android right now.


I need to go back to having an android OS phone. My whole family and about 90% of my friends have iPhones so they work great for communication. I miss the freedom of android haha. Thanks for the quick reply @PixelGeek