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Way to use of keywords?


I am using keywords in my content but I am confused about the uses of targeted keyword.
Is there any particular way to use the keywords in the content by which we can make it SEO friendly ?


Short Q for huge topic. If your keyword is paris - Way to use:

  • url slug (wwww.mysite/why-to-visit-paris)
  • Meta title
  • Meta descriptions
  • Heading (h1-h6)
  • body-content - rich text / p / and so on
  • links (inbound and outbount to “Paris official site” and so on)
  • links title + links anchor text
  • Images caption/heading
  • Images file name (paris-at-night.jpeg)
  • Images Alts (Paris lorem ipsum)
  • OG data (for facebook/twitter…and so on)
  • Videos (and videos transcript)
  • data

Maybe I miss something but ± this is the idea. Not all places have the same value (Title or H1 > more important than image in the footer with alt “paris”).

When you using keyword is good to know this term "keyword-density":

And this topic -keyword-stuffing


This is such a well thought out answer; well done.


Thanks a lot for a such a wonderful explanation…


one of the best tools which you can use when targeting the right keywords for content creation is SEMrush.

keyword stuffing is one of the most outdated and frowned upon practice you can adopt when creating content around keywords.

short head keyword and long tail keywords have their share of supporters and detractors. the only thing that’s different is the way you will use them to make your SEO- friendly content