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Hello everyone!

I have another project to show you. As you may know, I'm in high school and I like Webflow. So whenever a teacher assigns a project that requires PowerPoint or Prezi, I ask if I can make a website instead.

This is the project that was assigned in my Digital Design class. We were told to choose a category of Web 2.0. Under Site Development, Weebly and Wix were listed. I knew right away that I could use Webflow to demonstrate Webflow.

I just got home from presenting it, they loved it! smiley



Fantastic work @MinewireNetwork check this out @callmevlad @thesergie @PixelGeek @cyberdave he even optimized it for mobile as well smile


Thanks @Waldo_Broodryk!

Sorry that I'm off hangouts, I haven't installed Chrome on the laptop yet. wink


clap clap clap clap clap clap clap That's great job!


AWESOME WORK @MinewireNetwork ! Keep it up!


This is fantastic. Nice work @MinewireNetwork


Thank you everyone! I appreciate the feedback. smile


Wow this is fantastic work! I love the fade in transitions from the right, feels so light! thumbsup smiley


LOVE IT!! Keep up the good work!


I didn't see a Back Button on the Instructions page.

Did I miss it ?


Absolutely amazing - you could drop out of high-school now! smiley (please ignore that last bit!)


Hey @MinewireNetwork, outstanding site, really awesome ! You got the touch kid wink



Hey @MinewireNetwork was looking over this again today, how did you achieve the changing words animation? Was that done through Webflow interactions or did you use a third party tool?


It's done with an embed of the Typer.js.
See here for a demo :

And here how it works:


Awesome thanks @Diu gonna have to have a play with that! Such a cool effect to have on a hero section. thumbsup smile


Thanks for all of the feedback and I apologize for not replying sooner! Webflow Forum emails aren't working for me.

@Revolution The rocket seems to be adding necessary spacing. I will fix this today, thanks!

You had me cracking up @KimJordan smile

@Godweeno, the link that @Diu is similar to what I used.


Brilliant! Seriously love it. Any chance i could clone this and have a closer look? smile


Absolutely @brilliantlights. You can view it here: wink


Minewire's little work should put a spring in the step of all the WebFlow team.


Nice work my friend. Join the fight against PowerPoint! hehehe