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Web calculator how to?


Hello there!

I was wondering if someone could help me out with a price calculator for our website. We will sell brochures for fundraising and need some help with a very basic calculator.

How many people joining in the work: 1-50 people
How many brochures they want: one brochure costs 200kr
How much they will earn in total: I want the number to be responsive and live.

(click and drag)

something like this;

It should match our own website:


You need some JS written for that, @samliew should be able to help you with the script, he’s helped my agency with many similar tasks in the past and does great with exactly this. I can help with the design of the calculator or anything else if needed.



Thats great, What would you guys take for something like this?


Check out this free embed tool : Create and Embed a (Formula) Calculator