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Web form text field autocomplete based on collection list or else (Zapier, spreadsheet, ...)


Hi there!

I’m new to Webflow and am amazed at how powerful it is. I however would need to customize it a little bit in order to achieve my desired web form behavior. The idea is that I want one of the fields of my web form to be autocompleting based on data that I put somewhere (either in zapier, or I can directly import it in Webflow. In any case, this is static data). This would behave the same way as a field e.g. in the backend of Drupal. You have a list, let’s say of three names: “John Doe, John Smith and Donald Spencer”. When filling in the text field with “Jo…” it would suggest the two first names and exclude the third one, etc. You get the idea.

More practically, I want to achieve something similar to this:
Zapier also is featuring this use case, but I’m absolutely not confident on how to implement it on a Webflow form:

Question now is, how would you proceed to get that sorted and working in Webflow?

Many thanks for your help guys.


Edit: other reference, seems to be possible using jQuery and Collection lists (see third comment). I don’t have the skills though.

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