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Webflow - 2 Domains, 1 Host

Client has 1 webflow account and two domains:

Current setup is:
Webflow Hosting ->
Alt Redirect Site -> -> 302 -> is working as intended, and is currently redirecting to

What we want to accomplish is following:
Webflow Hosting -> AND

where: is SEO friendly
and has nofollow,noindex on ALL Pages

– Purpose

Google Ads go to, SEO goes to

where does NOT index on google

and easy to do analytics to HOSTNAME VS

Everything else (design, content, cms, page paths, etc) is the same.

Two approaches come to mind:

  1. Add another site plan, use robots.txt.
  2. Try to reverse proxy the existing site with varnish and/or nginx or apache. I do this sometimes for SEM sites off webflow hosting with content replacement (phone numbers, etc…). Have not tried it on Webflow however.

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Thanks @webdev

I passed this on to co-developer, and he says might be doable with some htaccesss trickery.

Are you aware of syntax to disallow only domain name?

User-agent: bot-name

^ Curious if this works we’ll see