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Webflow alternatives in 2020

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There was Alva, an open source project but it’s dead now. Modulz is similar to Hadron. looks like a good web builder. You should check Alternativeto for more apps similar to webflow.


Unfortunately, it seems that there’s no adequate alternative for Webflow yet :frowning: In the meantime, all we can do is rely on “crutches” that make the experience with Webflow less unproductive: Webflow fixes and enhancements

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Modulz raised some serious money, let’s hope that will amount to some decent competition to Webflow when they launch.

Tilda is packed with features and does have export, though they don’t mention version control or comments. Our drag’n’drop friend might like it though.

@uzzer - good resource! Thanks.

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@webdev I see, thanks for the clarification. Then I’d retract my post.

Looks like someone circled back on the post and flagged it after I posted. No reason for the post from @civ to be flagged in my opinion. Maybe a forum administrator like @WebDev_Brandon can take a look and render a decision.

Since the personal attacks against me have been removed, I’ve edited my response to them out of my post.

Can we please unflag the OP? While I wish Webflow implemented certain features, it’s reassuring to see that it is indeed hard to replace, and he investment in learning it is worth it. Also the list of fixes and enhancements posted by @uzzer has been a constructive outcome of the thread.