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Webflow and


So some of you may have come across this new "code-less" backend app called Treeline that debuted on PH yesterday.

Being a non-programmer this interests me greatly.
Has anyone here successfully managed to obtain a beta invite and tried the service out???
Would it be possible to create a website in Webflow, export it then connect it up with treeline to complete the backend duties???


Hi Amreet_Gill....i saw it yesterday on twitter and signed up for beta updates on my end.


Im waiting for webflow to go hey guys this can be done super simple this is how, know that would be a real game changer. We could build any logic we want, and build real apps that have full function right in webflow, this would be amaze ballz..... Please @thesergie MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

From a webflow fan smiley


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

You guys at Webflow need to speak with those guys at Treeline. Combination of those 2 projects would blow our minds away. I am seriously waiting for you guys to get that to work! :D And I'm like c'mon! I'm a ninja. You have to agree with me.