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Webflow Backend

I’m a Vue.js web designer studying Node.js in order to avoid backend developers dependencies. My goal is to become a fullstack web developer, freelance.
I’m playing around with Webflow and i love it so much so i was wondering if i could find a solution to replace Vue.js with Webflow adding a backend. Onestly with Node.js you reinvent the wheel every time, this is difficult, boring and unbearable.
Which is the best way to obtain a powerful fullstack workflow starting from Webflow?
Which is the best way to add Webgl or Gsap animation in Webflow?
Possibly free or open source.
Webflow + Firebase?
Webflow + Zapier apps?
Webflow + export in Vue + Node/Django/Ruby on Rails/Laravel ecc.?
Webflow + Wordpress?

Here what i need to create:
Business and corporate websites
portfolios and design websites
Real estate websites
Educational, newspaper websites
Event management, booking systems, payment systems
Form, registration, auth, newsletter, Membership systems
Strong interaction with a database
Then i would like to create a social network but it’s just a dream.
I repeat: possibly free or open source solutions, an accumulation of monthly subscribtions could be very expensive

Thank you in advance

Plus 1.

Fede, did you find anything?

Unfortunately not :frowning:

Hi @Fede86,

I’m not sure if it will correspond to your needs, but I came across this solution in the forum:

Webflow + +

Not free and/or opensource though.