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Webflow banner isn't removed


How do I remove the webflow branding? I already turned it off but its still on there.


Dashboard -> (Project) Settings -> Hosting -> Publishing Options -> DIsplay "Built With Webflow" badge

Turn it off from there. :wink:


I already did that.


What Webflow plan are you on?


Oh I'm on basic. I guess I only paid for hosting. Can I upgrade without hving to lose the $15 I just spent?


I would contact support@webflow for any more help. :wink:


It seems...
You are using the Starter Plan (free) with $15 Basic Hosting.

To export - you need to upgrade to the Personal Plan... Basic Hosting will be $5.

So you will need to spend $21 a month I believe to have Basic Hosting and Exporting capabilities.

I think Webflow can charge your credit card for the difference.

That's what they did with me.

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