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Webflow CMS on Mac



Should the webflow CMS work on Mac / Safari? I've given access to someone to edit a site through the CMS but when they access the ?edit page they do not see a login panel.




Hey @craig

Im pretty sure webflow supports Mac OS and safari have you given them access?

If yes then can you get them to give you screenshots and make a topic in the bug section :smile:



Hey @Ahmadz839,

Thanks, yeah I've added them as a content editor and confirmed the email address etc.

The login panel doesn't display at-all when they go to the ?edit page, strange.

I'll see if I can get them to do a screen share to get some more info and like you say, add it to bugs if I can't work it out.




Yeah its strange i havent seen this reported yet if you can get more information it would be great

Glad i could help :smile:



Hi @craig, as @Ahmadz839 pointed out, the CMS panel login should be shown in Safari.

It would help to know the site read-only link: and the exact browser version the client is using:

If you can provide that info, it will be faster to check this. Thanks in advance !


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