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Webflow competitor exporting production-ready React components


I just came across this product:
Seems to be a direct competitor to Webflow with a huge advantage for designers: it exports production-ready React components.
Sounds like a fantastic idea. What are your thoughts?


this looks absolutely amazing. wow! as someone who has been learning react over the past year, this is definitely right up my alley. i absolutely love the component first approach as well.

also, i for one welcome the competition in the space…it benefits everyone including the folks here at webflow.

innovation is what drove webflow to build this amazing tool so i don’t see that ending because of additional competitors. it basically is validation that the niche they have carved out is needed/wanted.


that’s not a direct webflow competitor. plus it’s not even out yet


well on their page they specifically say that the closest existing product to what they are developing is webflow…