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WebFlow - Databinding to Form Select (Dropdown and Listbox) controls


Something I continually find myself needing is Collection-driven population for FORM SELECT elements. WebFlow doesn’t provide support for this so I’ve usually hacked together some script to populate it myself.

Finally I decided to do it properly as a jQuery-based databinding utility library.

Sharing it here in case others have the same need.

Key features;

  • Allows you to bind any CMS Collection to a Webflow Select form control.
  • Allows you to filter and sort the Collection to your needs, before binding.
  • Generates legit JSON from your Collection Data, so that it can be used in other creative ways too.
  • Supports as many Collection Lists, and Select controls, as you need, on the same page.
  • Simple to use.

Walkthrough video;

GIT repo;

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This looks great @memetican. Thanks for putting it together. I will attempt to use this very soon!

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