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Webflow E-Commerce - Adding Customization Options to product?


How do you go about customizing add-ons in web flow e-commerce?

For example, say I have a subscription product called Weekly Meal Plan.
Weekly Meal Plan has Ingredients

  1. Choose Your Base (rice, quinoa)
  2. Choose Your Protein (beef, chicken, fish, pork)
  3. Choose Your Veggies (up to 3)
  4. Choose Your Beverage (Soda, Tea, Beer, Juice, Milk, etc)
  5. Choose Your Days (up to 6) (Monday,…Sunday)
  6. Choose Your Delivery Time (2-7pm $0.00, 9-11am $5.00)


Basically, some of these options have added cost ($1.25 or +$2.50 Advocado Quarter or Half).

Does webflow support this?