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Webflow Ecommerce Limitations?

Hello all,

So I’d love to know if one of you kind Webflowers could point me to a resource/discussion that talks about the limitations of Webflow ecommerce vs other options, please? Having not built an ecommerce store before but with a potential project on the horizon, I’d love to know your thoughts.

I’ve been in contact with Josh at Foxy who has been super helpful - I am probably 75% sold on Foxy already but the remaining 25% will be as a result of any conversation on this topic, and my own experimentation over the next few days.

Any thoughts or comments very much appreciated.

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Hi Andy,

That’s a great idea for a blog post so if you find one let me know (and I might write one if I have time!) However, this is quite a good page as your starting point maybe:

Make sure you get as far as the Pricing section near the bottom of the page. Since Shopify is arguably the leader in the SME ecommerce marketplace it’s a good one to compare Webflow to from a features point of view.

Now that I’m using both platforms for clients, I really want to use Webflow more to get away from themes in Shopify if nothing else as they are a royal pain (not to mention all the awesome things Webflow gives you OOTB in addition to Shopify).

Foxy is a great solution too mind :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that link Glenn, will give it a good read! Will let you know if I dig up any interesting articles.


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