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Webflow Editor Edits not Publishing


Hi there,

The changes I make in editor do not publish through to my live website. When I click ‘publish’, it does say that the changes have been made successfully, however my live website does not reflect the changes.

You can find the live website here:

Here are the screenshots of my process:

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hi @hansim

Which browser version are you using?

Also, try logging in Incognito mode to publish - it might be that an extension is causing an issue.


Hi there, I’ve tried incognito publishing but to no avail. And I’m using Chrome :slight_smile:

I thought it may have been extensions but that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Hannah Sim


Ok, i’m sure the Bugs team will take a look later - they will ask which version of Chrome (using that link above)

Also if there are any errors on the console (screenshot if possible)


Hey @hansim!

Thanks for reaching out; I’m sorry to hear about those publishing problems. I’ve ran my tests but couldn’t reproduce that issue on my end. I’m running latest Chrome if that helps.

Can you verify you’re up to date as well? If the problem still exist after update, can you see if there are any console errors on your end? You can open up Chrome dev tools by pressing Command + Option + i and switch to Console tab.

Let me know if that helps!


Hi @hansim,

One more thing, it looks like there is some custom code being used on the site with an error, so I would recommend to fix that first:

Thanks in advance,


Hi @hansim, could you please remove that background image in the designer, then re-add that? Completely remove the bg image from the Hero section, make sure changes are saved, then re-add the bg image.

Thanks in advance


Hi there @cyberdave

I checked my browser - everything is up to date.
I removed and replaced the bg image, waited for changes to save and then published - this was the error:

Also, I’m not a coder - this is a website we got made for us. But I googled the issue and replaced it with this code: document.getElementById(“year”).innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear();

The issue is still occurring :frowning: Thanks for all the help so far! Sorry this issue is so odd


Here is the console for my website, any clue what it might mean?


@hansim it wont fix it because its reading year does not exist, where in the editor do you have your js script i dont see it in custom code settings?


I see you found my other thread @Poliigon! Can you tell I’m not sure what I’m doing? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure where I have the js in my editor - but in the designer it’s in the project’s custom code settings. I can’t share a read-only to my editor can I?


@hansim do you have your js in the page custom code or the account custom code?


There is no custom code in any of the pages - it’s all through project settings


@hansim and it is for the date in copyright?


Yes, I believe so! I think we did it so we wouldn’t have to update it every year.


@hansim ok here is the break when styling a div or any element you can give it and ID example id="year" or CLASS class="year" you don’t have an element named year so it don’t exist! this is not something I would use just for a date.

php is supported by every host and I would add a snippet that reads the server year instead of all that js for just a year.

this is a simple copy paste add date to your html
<? php echo date("Y"); ?> just embed that and it will update the year. or you can select your year and give it an ID of year


Thank you @Poliigon! I’ll try that now.
How much of the original script should I delete?



but let me help you understand the issue really quick its not so much the that the js is bad

document.getElementById(“year”).innerHTML this comes in 2’s you can get by element by class or by id , what this error is telling you is that it did not find any element in your html with and ID of year.

This is for date


@Poliigon Yeah I understand that - it’s trying to pull data from an element that doesn’t exist. So what would the footer code look like now?


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