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Webflow Editor Edits not Publishing


Also having this same refresh issue. Please advise. Thanks.


Hi @hansim, I am continuing to check on the trouble publishing, to help get this resolved.

One thing I noticed from the first screenshot, is that there seems to be some extension with a notification, it might not be related, but if the extension is something like Ad Blocker, it could be something is getting blocked.

Could you please share a screenshot of the Error notification while in incognito mode, as well as a new screenshot of the console?

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the reply @cyberdave

I did have ad blocker enabled in my normal browser. However even after whitelisting it and removing all other extensions, it did not publish.

Anyway, here is the error notification in Incognito:

Here is the console:

One thing to note is that I did create the site from a template, so it’s possible the template has something to do with this issue?


Hi @hansim, thanks for the update. I am working to help get this resolved. As soon as I have info to share I will reply back.

Thanks in advance,



Hi @hansim, my apology for the late reply, I wanted to let you know that we did push out a fix for the publishing issues, you may have noticed that already. Let me know in case of any trouble.


All fixed on my end! Thanks for your help Dave :slight_smile:


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