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Webflow Editor Very Slow

Hello Webflow Community!

Loving Webflow its truly transformed my business especially with the CMS functions. BUT… I’m having problems with clients logging into the editor to make changes to text… the edit opens and the screen stays white, loads very very slow or doesn’t load at all.

Anyone else had this problem?



Hi @DP43,

Could you provide a video of this happening? Also on which site it is happening to? is the site where the editor is nearly useless.

My clients is also getting an error screen saying “Editor unresponsive’ when trying to edit.

Sorry here is the link. I have tried yo upload a video but the file is unaccepted on the forum. The editor takes nearly a minute to load each page as I click through.

Hi @DP43,

Have you been able to get this issue resolved?


I’m getting feedback from my site users that they are also experience the same issues when using the editor.

Could you please investigate this issue, since it has been going on over the past 3 months.

Hi @Moodys are you still experiencing Editor lag issues?

If so please reach out to our support channel through our University Page

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

Hi Brandon,

Yes we are still experiencing the same issues.

I have users using editor accounts in Asia, Europe and Americas and they all complain about the slowness of publishing or editing the CMS.

Support its unhelpful, they say its because we have two many CMS items but the business account its advertised at 10000 CMS items which is below of what we currently have.