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Webflow for webapp


We are doing a new webapp where users that sign up get their own subpage (kinda like and twitter/username).

We are very very interested having all the frontend on Webflow - and then use firebase/meteor/whatever for the "backend" and tie it into the webflow frontend.


  1. is there any way (api?) to have a "new subpage template" and auto generate a new subpage for the users like mentioned above?

  2. I guess we would run into the limits of the max no of pages? Unless we plan to have under 100 customers wink

Does my questions make sense and could it be done to have webflow handle all the frontend in a real webapp?


Although integrating a website designed in webflow with a webapp is very possible, you cannot have the web app create new pages (not yet, at least wink). In order to do that, you would have to export the website and host it on your own server. Exporting the site would also solve your maximum page problem.