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Webflow form with rich text

I want to let people send a job advert via my website. I will then send this data back to webflow (using zapier).

Can i submit rich text (bullet points, paragraphs only) in a form?

The Webflow Rich Text element is not an input field so It can’t capture data within a form. That said, It should be possible to use custom code, a textarea editor like to have an “Editable” input field.

$200+ for such a small feature - not sure they will go for it. Thanks though

There are open source alternatives if you do some research.

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I have quillJS working - looks perfect but the text doesnt go into the form. Dont suppose you know if there is a simple solution to that?

No way to use rich-text inside a form.

Even if you succeed somehow (by code - use div for example) If a user writes hello world the form submission will be simple string <p>Hello World</p>.


Quill works - I needed some custom code to put the html into a text area but the form submits fine and lands in the webflow CMS as expected. Pasting into the quill rich text doesnt look great (manageable though!).

I am current investigating - its much easier to set up but at the moment it wont work unless there is a link submitted inside the rich text. Webflow thinks the toolbar feilds are inputs weirdly. I will keep going and report back with the best solution (if someone doesnt beat me to it!)