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Webflow + Foxy Product Variants Importer


Hey all.
Josh from Foxy here. Many of you use our product variant script to create product variants based on a list of comma separated options provided in Webflow’s CMS.

If you have lots of products to add, with lots of variants, this can be a time consuming task.

Using Airtable, we’ve put together a base you can use to auto generate product variant information you can simply copy/paste right into Webflow’s CMS. Check out the screencast below. If you’d like your own copy of this base, just let us know.


Can I have more info about this cool tool and how is integrated in webflow? Thanks


Hi @AlekDobrohotov.
Absolutely. This specific tool/tutorial is best suited for Webflow websites using Foxy and Webflow’s CMS with many product with product variants. It’s more or less a time saver, though it could be extended to do more depending on your needs.

Feel free to send more info about your specific needs or any questions you may have.