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Webflow Freelancer Directory

Hello Webflower,

One of the reasons we love Webflow is that it’s so powerful, reliable and beautiful. I’m sure future will tell us that we where right to chose Webflow as our main tool for building beautiful websites.

The thing is, finding clients is still a tricky part that we don’t like (my opinion). So today I would like to help all the community with which is a listing inspired from Pablo Stanley listing

My mission is to provide this listing FREE FOREVER to all the world and hopefully help people find top notch Webflow Lovers.

I teamed with @Moshfequr Rahman and we would love to see you in there soon :tada:

Have a look and enter :v:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Interesting! There already is the Webflow experts program which is more of a curated list of designers and agencies. I’ve gotten a ton of work through it so far. But this is awesome! I’m sure it will be helpful to the community! I definitely wouldn’t mind signing up!


I think this is a great idea. Never enough curated, well organized areas where to find WebFlow experts across different disciplines.

Thanks much, I’ll be sure to sign up.

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Yeah you’re right :slight_smile: It’s a non official list but will ensure to give attention to quality people who are motivated trying to make a living around Webflow.

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Appreciate your comment! Happy you joined :v:

You might want to bump this every so often and maybe change the title to be more attractive to people looking for freelancers on this section.

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Pinned! :smiley:


Wow! Great,perfect solution!!

I am working towards making Webflow designers more successful. It will have a job board and directory of freelancers as well.

Quite a few more things.

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