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Webflow has flexbox now!


Flexbox is Here!
Gridflex: flexbox system integratable in webflow?

Webflow is the first and only visual designer tool in the world to support flexbox.

Congratulations to @Sveky for noticing and pointing it out first!


Hehe thanks i actually noticed it this morning ( Im in Sydney Australia ) but was too busy to post it :smile:


That's a wonderful start into the morning! Thanks!


Looks like there's a bunch of videos on their Youtube too.


I almost forgot about that the team was working on that and yesterday I was thinking that it is time for something new. And here it is :grinning:



I was playing the game and suddenly :gift:


Hey guys, you just make me happy! I've wait it for a long time :slightly_smiling:


Check this site Webflow have put out too, super-informative

P.S. Check the game out too :wink:


@Sveky @samliew @RomanZuend @Jason @jorn @AntonioBalderas @kirillgreen - yep, launching throughout the morning? Check us out on ProductHunt :smiley:


Wow .... That's amazing :smiley:


This is great! Just gotta love Flex :smile:


This is huge! Though, I'm not sure what "shink" is. :smile: Thank you guys for your awesome work.



Ha! good catch lol :smile: But seriously, awesome update!

Flex Box Support

@callmevlad Wow... Great job guys... :wink:


I feel like a complete retard but for the life of me I can NOT make 25 work.


Yeah I have to just give up at 25. Nothing is working after that.


First one to beat Level 28 and PM me a screenshot of the settings gets a Webflow coupon! :smiley: :boom:



@joshalo3 Nice catch Josh, we have a fix going live in about 10 mins :grimacing:


I got it working but how in the world do I PM you a screenshot?