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Webflow hosted (SSL) site with OneSignal


Hello people!
I’ve been looking around for a solution to get OneSignal Push Notifications to work on a webflow hosted SSL site, without any luck. In the OneSignal documentation you can read that you’re supposed to upload 2 JS-files and 1 json file to your root domain, put some code in your header and be good to go. The issue being that I can’t upload the required files to my root with webflow hosting. Are there any workarounds for doing this? Feels really bad to be limited like this.

Using the http (non SSL) version is a workaround but I’d like to know if there’s a way with SSL.


According to me, please don’t install that shitty stuff on your Wordpress Site, I myself used it but it made my site very very slow. Also the notification often goes to the Spam section of Gmail so it’s of no use.
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