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Webflow hosting and CMS Plan


  1. I want to purchase a CMS plan from Webflow. I’m already having Lite team plan in Webflow. Now I want to purchase CMS plan. So if I purchase CMS plan, do I need to continue with Lite Team Plan or else can I go downgrade my plan to Starter Team Plan? I don’t want to export the code and also I am having only one website.

  2. My domain was already hosted in Linode Server and the other products linked to my domain already setup from Leonard Server so I don’t want to disturb it. My question is, I want to maintain my domain over there but I want to host my website from Webflow. Is that possible? If so can you guide me how can I achieve it.

  1. Account plans aren’t required to host a site, so as long as you don’t need any of the features you can switch over to only using CMS Site plan.

  2. I’m not familiar with Leonard Server (although a Google search leads me to believe it’s a service provided by HostMamma?) but Webflow doesn’t host domains. Third-party registrars are required for all sites with specific DNS settings. Just head to your Project Settings > Hosting and check out the Custom Domains section to get started. If you run into issues, Webflow’s got a lesson covering things that I’ve linked below:

Thanks for your quick response @mikeyevin. So Webflow doesn’t host domains, we need to host it in a server and then we need to point that domain to Webflow. Am I right?

Sorry, I spelt server name wrong it is Linode LLC

It doesn’t look like you can register a domain with Linode, but assuming you’ve already purchased a domain elsewhere you just need to sign up for a Site plan with Webflow and update the DNS records at your registrar.

Yeah domain was purchased from GoDaddy and hosted using Linode.

Perfect, all you’ll need is the domain at GoDaddy and the Site plan with Webflow—Linode isn’t required once you move the hosting over.

Webflow’s got a nifty automated tool for GoDaddy domains that you can read about below:

Thanks for your quick response and support. I will look into

So one final question, just updating 2 A records will point my Webflow website to my domain in GoDaddy? And also there was machine in Linode where all over gitlab, other related stuff was hosted. That won’t be effected right?

Correct, Webflow doesn’t need anything else other than the domain setup so any other web hosting you’ve setup with Linode/Gitlab previously will be completely unaffected.

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Thank you so much for all your responses. I will get back to you if I have any other queries