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Webflow -> how to build login system + sign up flow?


I have a website that lists webinars that people can join. At the moment I do not have a login system, but this is something that I want to implement and would like advice on the best way to achieve this.

I want build the following user stories:

As a user I can browse a collection of upcoming webinars

  • User can be logged in or not logged in
  1. As a user I can register for a specific webinar

Scenario 1

GIVEN: I am logged in

WHEN: I click ‘join’

THEN: I am registered for the webinar and I receive a confirmation email

Scenario 2

GIVEN: I am not logged in

WHEN: I click ‘join’

THEN: I am directed to a sign up page so I can become a member

AND: I can sign up as a member

AND: when I have signed up I am redirected back to the webinar page

I’m currently using webflow with CMS.

What would be the best way to build the functionality above?



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Hi @jturner1

Currently there is no native user system on Webflow, however you can use or and a bit of conditional visibility to achieve what you want.

You can even build a fully customized dashboard with a bit of Zapier integration.

Here is an in-depth tutorial with memberstack: