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Webflow in China


Hi I am working on a webslite for a client that based in China. I would like to give them a CMS plan based on webflow.

Currently whenever I sent a webflow page "prototype" for them to preview, they are not able to open the page unless they change their VPN. Does that mean if they sign up with webflow , they will not able to use the CMS feature...etc. in China?

How does everyone cope with this? any feedback is appreciated.

Can webflow team replace "" with a reachable URL for China?
Can't watch tutorial videos from China as they are hosted on YouTube

Hi @Zackary_Yu!

Do you send them link to project or you are trying to send them exported site?


I sent them the project link


Well, I don't know about any country restrictions. Maybe somebody else can tell. Did you ask somebody else to open link to that project? Or it is too private?

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