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Webflow inserts grid-column-gap values as columns in ms-grid-columns


Hi all!

Webflow inserts grid-column-gap values as columns in ms-grid-columns. Probably to compensate the missing support for grid-gap in IE. However, no corresponding div blocks are created, which completely breaks the design on IE11.
Interestingly, the error only occurs with older grid elements. If I recreate the grid exactly like the old one, the error doesn’t occur anymore (but that would be a lot of annoying work).
The appended picture illustrates the bug.
Any ideas how to work around or fix the bug?

Luca and Pascal

[Its a confidential customer project - we are sorry we cannot share the read-only link here]




Hi, @service_apoly_de!

Thanks for letting us know about your older Grid elements not displaying as expected on IE11.

I have gone ahead and let our engineers know about this, as this definitely sounds like odd behavior.

Would you be able to provide a direct message to me of the Read-Only link? I’d be happy to share with our engineers so that they may take a look for us.

Thanks in advance :bowing_man:



Hi Micah,

Thanks for your fast response.

You can find the project here

For instance in the footer section IE11 inserts new columns and thus crushes the actual grid formation.