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Webflow integrated with FirebaseUI for user authentication

Hey are you following the original tutorial or the newer one here?

In both cases Firebase has changed their set up a little bit but you should be able to refer to their docs for specific pointers.

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Original tutorial. Some things look like they’ve changed, in both tutorials actually. Can you confirm?

Hey yes Firebase has changed their instructions. I really need to remake this video series every 6 months to keep up!

You can still make this work if you follow the Firebase docs, but due to their changes, following my video instructions to the letter alone will probably no longer work.

Hey Jason,

Great guide. We’re looking to get this implemented for our site as well. You mentioned Firebase has changed recently, and that this will still work if we follow the updated documentation found on Firebase.

If it’s not too much trouble, do you know which documentation i’d need to send over to my developed for him to get started?

I’m also curious, for the people that set up their log in system using the older videos, did their login system break when firebase changed? Wondering if it’s worth to create this if firebase is changing instructions frequently!

I’m also waiting eagerly on the guide for building user log in specific pages. I understand you’ve mentioned that’s possible for firebase + webflow. If you have any hints or reference documentation from Firebase on that topic, getting that over to my developer would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rehman,

Glad you found it useful. When I say Firebase has changed, what I mean is that they release new versions of their products, and these have slightly different setup instructions. It’s nothing drastic, generally jut a slight change to the scripts you include on your site or the order in which you load them. That sort of thing.

I doubt people who set up sites with an older version would have broken. The script includes have a version number in the script you load, so you just don’t get any new features. If they made breaking changes all the time they would become unpopular very fast!

If your developer wants to read the docs these are the latest Firebase JavaScript docs.

The end product you are wanting to build is probably possible to build with Webflow + Firebase, but whether or not you should is another question. I encourage you to read this article I wrote on Medium and learn about some of the limitations (might pay to send this to your developer too).

Hey @n3tworth this is EXACTLY WHAT I NEED!

We want to transition away from Weebly integrated with a rudimentary ‘page-protect’ access system which has zero flexibility, and looks horrible from customers’ end.

Did you end up finding a good system? I’m looking at Firebase/stripe but it’s beyond my ability at this stage. Only ‘Memberspace’ seems to fit the bill but still suffers from lack of flexibility and customisation.

Would love to hear whether you’ve moved to a better solution than SentryLogin??


Hey @jasondark since this post was a while ago do you know of a simpleish solution to this now?

I’ve watched your tutorial on Firebase auth and its fantastic, but I need to integrate this with stripe payment.

So I need for customers to pay for an individual product either before or after becoming a user, and then when they pay they’re added to the Firebase user database, then shows up as a product in their ‘profile’ page + they then have access to the specific page I designate based on that purchase.

This would then be setup for multiple products which allow access to only the specific page relating to the purchase.

Any recommendations?

Thanks Jason.

Hi Andrew,

Glad you found the videos useful. As far as I’m aware there is no updated “DIY” guide. At least I’ve never seen anything since this content I made. There are a couple of paid solutions on the market now that integrate with Webflow to provide user account and subscription / payment functionality. But these are quite expensive from what I can see.

What you’re wanting to achieve sounds completely doable, but you would need to learn to code. So I would suggest paying someone to build a proper app or using a paid 3rd party system that integrates with Webflow.


Thanks @jasondark

What we’re using currently is functional but not customisable, and I’m finding that while decent, Memberspace, Memberstack and Memberful are lacking what I need also.

I need what’s in your tutorials: showing specific content based on logged in user’s paid for content, even within a single page.

I’m comfortable learning some code for sure, just trying find a place to start!

Need to integrate Stripe Payment > Send user credentials to Firebase > Adds purchased product ID to user’s credential

Creating a user account could be before or after purchase not too much of an issue.

Hi Andrew,

I think you should read this article I wrote for some more insights on how Webflow stacks up as a tool for building apps.

Great thanks Jason.

Very insightful article, still leaves me with hope there is a way, but I may just have to stick with one of the 3 Major Membership plugins, or possibly AuthPro.

They’re robust but just leave something to be desired when it comes to personalised content for customers.

It’s insane, all I want to actually do is have a dashboard that shows each customer a list/gallery of the products they have purchased/have access to, just to make it look nice, wouldn’t think in this day and age that there isn’t a product that offers it.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Andrew,

Unless you can write the code yourself or want to pay a developer, you will be stuck with off the shelf solutions. There are good reasons that Webflow isn’t used as a front end for serious apps, many of which are outlined in my article.

However I think Shopify does offer what you need out of the box. Their docs here describe setting up user accounts.

It might be possible to make a Shopify / Webflow Hybrid by embedding Shopify in your Webflow site to get the best of both worlds. I’ve never tried this myself so I’m not sure how possible this is.

Unfortunately, no :frowning_face:

I am now using AuthPro which gets the job done, with some tweaks I had the developers do for a more simultaneous login with multiple subscriptions, but it is still clunky on the user experience.

The best UX I’ve seen so far, as well as ease of integration and customization with Webflow CMS, is from Memberstack. You basically can design the member dashboard however you want in Webflow and then attach some custom attributes for Memberstack, so it is more than possible to have a list and access levels to that information, because you can hide certain elements on the page based on access level. They still don’t have the ability to have multiple subscriptions per one subscriber, simultaneously, so that’s why I can’t use them on my client’s projects.

I also am using Kartra for my clients that need funnel marketing and it’s really amazing for custom membership areas but it definitely doesn’t have the design freedom that Weblfow has. You can, however, embed Kartra into any other site.

I wish there was one turnkey solution that fit every type of membership need. I can’t wait until one of these super genius developers creates something that can dominate the market in this way :grin:

Thanks again Jason.

I’m pretty anti-shopify, and on a cost basis I think it would more than double current costs, but thank you for the suggestion.

I will press ahead with Memberspace and Memberstack I think, they’ll at least provide a better solution than current Weebly integration. You’ve been extremely helpful, thank you again!

Haha it’s not even supergenius, that’s the annoying part. Literally just need the best of both worlds - beautiful and customisable UI, multi-membership, page/element protection.

100million dollar idea there…

Thanks @n3tworth for your feedback. I was nearly set on Memberspace but I found out that Memberstack can limit access on an ‘element’ basis which is a real gamechanger. I might be able to workaround the single-membership limitation just for the meantime.

If they added just that one function they’d destroy the competition I reckon!

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Yeah @DuncanHamra and staff are amazing and extremely hands-on, helping every single one of their customers, even before they buy. And their software is just getting started so I’m excited to see more featured requests integrated :woman_cartwheeling:t5: