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Webflow IP black listed - Email is getting in spam

I use TransIP as a mailservice, since Webflow does not have they own mailservice. I have an and an elvira@websitetijd e-mailadress… However, when I mail from the info@emailadress to an outlook/hotmail address it is getting instantly to the spam folder. My emailaddress and mailservice is less than a day old. the elvira@ emailaddress works fine.

Hotmail says it can’t help me further because I’m not a paid member… However… When I check some blacklisting tools it tells me the webflow ip is blacklisted…


Since I contacted transip and they say everything in my DNS settings are fine… I think I’m now going to take a guess at webflow…

Other collegues i know who are webflow designers and are not hosting with webflow, but are having the transip mail service aren’t having these issues.