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Webflow Masonry grid ( #Pinterest), no Custom Code required

Hi. is it still working fine? :slight_smile: Do you mind sharing the code?

Hi Krubens,

I will do when it’s possible. :slight_smile:
Having a bit of a difficult time at the moment.
I warn you though, it’s a clunky way - but it still works…

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Sorry to hear that! Take your time :slight_smile: And no problem that its clunky, my life is clunky, so I’m used to it :smiley:

@sabanna @vincent It seems like the downside of this hack is that you’ll only get three columns when you have five items or more. Less than five items will result in two columns only.

Any workarounds?

In other words, the direction is from top to bottom and not from left to right, like it should be.

Hi, @Sebastian_Zimmer!

This particular method will always give the direction from top to bottom, because it uses CSS Columns. The direction from left to right can be done only with JS plugins.