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Webflow multi-language website SEO


because Webflow does not support native multi-language options. We implementing duplicate pages workaround as was suggested by Workflow support.

Does this implementation (duplicate pages) will not have long term SEO damaging effect?

Webflow give you full slug control & design control (rtl or ltr).
/en/about and /fr/propos

The problem of multi language is more from content management and design aspects (no issues related to SEO). Although it’s really hard to manage multi-lan blog on webflow. For static pages the life is better.

Use this hreflang tag to tell google “this is my English version and this is my spanish version”:

Add this before body for each page.

The hreflang attribute on each page should include a reference to itself as well as to all the pages that serve as alternates for it.

So for site with 2 languages put two hreflang tags for each page.


<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="es-es" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="fr-fr" />

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As multi-language website has multiple content version with slight variations, it might potentially violate duplicate content penalty of google and effect SEO. But as long as you set up hreflang tags correctly and help google understand your multilingual site structure, you can avoid penalty, and make SEO work normal.

For details on setting up hreflang tag, you make look at the post:

Hope it helps!

For pthe actual collection items (blogposts, product pages, etc) how would this work?

If you create each page as a duplicate in webflow, static pages are very straight forward and you set them once.

However, for collection items, it seems this would require for the developer to help the client do this every time, so that each collection item in each language references each other, which does not seems practical or sustainable, is this right?


The best way is to set up a 301 redirect. When multiple pages are combined into a single page, they stop competing with one another and create stronger relevancy. This will surely impact the “correct” page’s capability to rank well.

Personally I trust SEO companies with this better than I trust myself. I used to do the SEO for my page a long time ago, but problems just kept appearing, so I understood that it’s not my nichee of work.