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Webflow needs to support zapier line items


As I understand it, we can"t create an invoice in quickbooks or update external systems for new orders at a product level using zapier without this.

I can’t see if this is on the roadmap. Thanks


There is a zap for wf new order > quickbooks online new invoice. Did you test that? Or are you saying that the zap does not produce line items in QB?

In the API purchasedItems is an array in the Order Model that provides the line items in an order. So it currently exists in the API. I am pretty sure that it is up to Zapier to implement zaps to the API.

I don’t have any orders (not live) to fetch with the API. Is that something you can test?

I would expect that a dev support channel exists between the responsible teams. So hopefully it is on someone’s radar if it is working in the API and not with Zapier. I would suggest pinging Zapier if that is the case since they are a business that makes revenue from subscribers.


Hi @webdev

Yes so I check the array output in the direct api as you mention. That’s cool.

The thing is that zapier has this specific tool / step “Formater”. Apps can dev their zaps with line items support for this. In order to create line items in any other app via zapier, you would need webflow to create zaps with line item support.


Thanks for clarifying this. So the ball is in webflow’s court.