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Have a serious issue with page builder. I cannot open any pages in my page builder and cannot edit anything. The website is live and need to update it ASAP . Any suggestions ?


Hi @nxydas6, could you share your read only site link, and I am happy to take a look at that for you. Here is some information about read only site links:

Cheers, Dave


HI.. Thank you for the prompt reply. Unfortunately i do not have a share button inside my settings.


Hi @nxydas6, I just sent you a PM to get additional information so that I may look up the account smile Cheers, Dave


the url is


i cannot reply back to you as it wont let me have more than 8 replies


Hi thanks @nxydas6, I am checking on this. Cheers, Dave


Hi @nxydasy6, the page at is a wordpress site. Are you trying to edit the site in Webflow or in Wordpress?

Cheers, Dave


in wordpress. Iam confused. webflow is the theme and iam using wordpress to build it


Hi @nxydas6, you have reached Webflow for sure smile But we do not have anything to do with a theme called Webflow smile To edit your Wordpress site, I would advise that you contact the person who helped you to create that site, and get the instructions from them, what you need to do to edit that Wordpress site. smile

I hope that helps. Webflow is a different system from Wordpress.

Cheers, Dave

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