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Webflow page does not display properly when used in Shopify theme


We recently finished creating a landing page in Webflow to use in a Shopify theme as the main one. Thus, this page was intended to keep the header, product section and footer from the Shopify theme overlayed on the new Webflow page.
The finished Webflow page -
The read-only link to this page -

So, once we merged the webflow page with the Shopify elements, several elements (both in the webflow section and Shopify) began to show themselves wrongly.
The new page -
The main page with properly showcased elements -

Can someone give us a hand on what to do and how to fix it?
Thank you

You can review your published page and inspect each element that is visually not what you wanted to see the CSS (and it’s source) that is affecting the element. Example the .link class on “UNREAL” in your title. Then go make changes to the CSS or override it with more specificity.

Thank you very much!
We will definitely try to do this.