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Webflow page export and integration to Shopify


hi there.
I’ve designed a page in Webflow that I would like to export and use on my clients Shopify webshop. I’ve managed to export and implement the HTML through the RTE and link it to a custom stylesheet with the CSS from Webflow as well. But it’s acting weird - like it crashes or doesn’t load properly.
I know it’s probably just mee overseeing something but can’t figure out what.


Any help or tips would be appreciated


Can we see the Webflow project as well? For comparison.


Sure. here you go:


I looked around a little bit and it seems like your CSS style-sheets have some overlapping class names.

the class .card for example is included in both theme.scss.css and custom-styles.css

theme.scss.css has the following attributes set for .card:

width: 100%
opacity: 0
transition: all 500ms ease-out
transform: translateY(50px)
-webkit-transform: translateY(50px)
-ms-transform: translateY(50px)

The opacity is causing your cards to not appear and the width + tranform attibutes are causing the alignment to be all janky.

I quickly disabled the opacity from the theme.scss.css stylesheet using the Chrome developer console and this is what I got:

Now disabling the Width and Translate Attributes:

You'll see that it's still not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction. I recommend you make sure there aren't any other overlaps in the style-sheets that might be causing them to compete.

Also I noticed you didn’t mirror the structure that you have in your Webflow layout:

In the webflow project each card is inside a column div as seen below
shopify 2

But in the shopify project only the second card is inside a column div:
shopify 3

Anywho hope this helps.


oooh yes! that was it! thanks!!

I changed the class name and made a new export and it works like a charm now. Stupid mistake.

very much appreciated @Modii!


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