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Webflow Pages Plugin: Updating WordPress with New Collection and Page Made in Webflow

@ColleenBrady Hi, Thank you so much. You are very helpful and cooperative. Its a very good way to share your knowledge with others (step by step). once again thanks alot. :blush:

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@ColleenBrady one more thing I want know if possible for you to guide me.
Is it possible to display a “wordpress page” on “integrated webflow website”?
I mean that at the same time when we are using “webflow pages” plugin, is it possible to publish wordpress page at webflow integrated website?

Short answer is no. However, your could frame the Wordpress page (IFRAME) or use Ajax.

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Long answer is yes, ish, but in reverse. I’m hosting a wordpress site which fetches my Webflow page through the plugin. I’ve made a wordpress theme which mirrors my article looks, and by using the same url structure for the blog posts I’ve in effect slapped on a second database to get around the 10k item limit of Webflow. This way all my webflow hosted pages are displayed when someone goes to their URL, and the wordpress hosted (webflow looking) pages are displayed when their URLs are used. I’ve set up a script that unloads older articles to the wordpress database as new ones are written.

So you need webflow hosting and wordpress hosting dont really see the advantage of using the webflow pages plugin

It’s for attaching multiple databases to a Webflow rig, which is essential for blogs etc. with many new posts per day.

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Not used to working with Wordpress so thanks for the answer :smiley:
Do you maybe have an example and cant you just use the Webflow cms for a blog website that has multiple posts per day?

Ah looked at the webflow limits so only a maximum of 2000 cms items :frowning: that seems like to low for a busy blogging website

10.000 for the largest plan. It’s kinda insanely low actually. If you publish five blog posts per day, that’s filling up fast - and if you’re like us and have a ten year old site you want to move over to Webflow that has 15k old posts in the archive…

Yeah have been looking into this really low number.
Didn’t know this, to be honest, I used to think you had the 2000 cms item limit per collection but apparently its 2000 collection items for the complete website :frowning:

One more question to experts
Is it possible to use WordPress plugins in webflow websites? Actually I used"webflow pages" plug-in and webflow website is hosted using WordPress… Now I want to use some plug-ins… Is it possible?

No that is not possible.

Got the static pages figured out. But the Collection pages rule has me stumped -

where do I create the page in WP? in the posts? Also I am testing this on a local machine will this be a problem for testing the dynamic content?

Basically what is the WP path i need to direct to the webflow people template that exists.
This is the individual people template for the dynamic collection.

thank you

It’s been awhile since I used this, but does it support mapping to posts? The plugin has “pages” in the name, so thought it was for mapping static content only.

If it does support mapping of dynamic content, my suggestion is to start by creating a custom post type that matches your Webflow collection names. This can be done either a plugin or by adding code to functions.php on your WordPress site.

Hi Colleen, thank you. I watched a youtube video by ran Segall of flux. It seemed to be able to map the dynamic content pages as well. In his video he didn’t seem to do anything special just named it the same in WP path as the webflow one. I’m wondering if it’s not working because I’m on a local machine testing it. @webdev any help on this? Mapping dynamic pages content with Webflow pages. I could try the Udesly adapter fully but for this use case it’s more work than is needed as it’s a temporary fix. The whole site is going to be rebuilt in Drupal eventually.


I just asked a question about the security of this plugin here because I feel that adding a 3rd party like this could add risks to the security of the site. Especially with how Wordpress works with updating plugins… huge pain.

@webdev Also, I have both a team plan and a business hosting plan on my site and still can’t get rid of the “made in Webflow” badge on the site that is hosted in Wordpress with this pages plugin… any other solutions for this? Thanks!

@bruh - If you have a paid hosting account and you set the display made in webflow badge to off, in project settings -> general then it should not render. At least this was the case on a test I performed.

@webdev so right thats what i did, and its still showing up:


I tested with a local dev instance of WP and had no issue. Just follow the instructions in the plugin. Make sure you are running a current version of the plugin.

I just tested a page using a client site and a local dev instance and did not get the badge. You might need to refresh the plugin cache. Don’t know what to tell you if that does not work. I only use WP when I am forced to.